Back and Neck Pain – Diagnoses for People Who Work in an Office

So, now you’ve heard about my adventures from one country to another; one innovation to another. The reason I wrote this book is because God told me to do so. Altogether God pushed me three times to write this book. The reason is because God wants people to better understand those who suffer from spine problems. This is why I want to lay out what I am best at. Let me say this straightforward: This book is not an advertisement for my treatment. Instead, its purpose is to let each and every person recognize and understand his or her spine problems; and in so doing to let people know that there is a simple, natural cure for their spine problems, not just treating the symptoms by medications or surgery. Surgery would be the last option to consider when the bones have already grown together or if a disc on the spine is damaged for good.

Office Back Pain

This is exactly what happens to people who sit in an office for many years or most of their lives. Sitting in the same position and being in a cold air-conditioned room is not healthy at all. This actually destroys people’s bodies slowly. But millions of people do this every day. And it has a serious consequence in the long run.

This is what most people in the office suffer from:

Many of them suffer from neck, upper back, shoulder, arm, and serious lower back problems, and stiff legs.

This is what actually happens to most of them.

Here’s my explanation.

Sitting in the same position day in and day out is not healthy at all. On top of that, sitting in the cold air-conditioned room just makes it much worse. Why? Sitting in the cold air-conditioned room makes everybody literally freezing. That is the reason why your muscles get stiff, tendons get tight, and the blood circulation gets in trouble. Because stiff muscles and tight tendons all the way down to your lower back start pressurizing your whole spine, the pain always starts from your neck and travels further to your upper back, ending up down to your lower back. What happens when you start having serious neck pain?

Let’s have a clear picture of the neck problem.

When your muscles and tendons get too stiff and tight in your neck, first you start pressurizing the disc. But you can only pressurize the disc 50% without any problem, because your disc in your neck is only 3- to 5-mm thick, depending on how long of the neck you have. The moment you pinch the nerves in the neck just one millimeter, you muscle gets stiff and tendon gets tight. And immediately, the body water starts swelling up around the pinched nerves and on top of the spinal cord because of the pain.

Now you will have a bigger problem with bending your head and turning the neck from side to side. The stiffer and tighter your muscles and tendons become, the more you pressurize the whole neck down. And again your muscle and tendon get even stiffer and tighter; at the same time, more water pressure is on your pinched nerves and on top of the spinal cord. This is how it goes step by step until you pressurize the discs all the way down. This is how you end up having a total flat disc, a bulging disc, or worst-case scenario slipped disc because your neck is so compressed together. Pinching the nerves is pure hell for anyone.

This is what happens when you pinch the nerves in your neck.

We have seven bones in our neck and the associated nerves.

When you pinch the nerve C1, you are in trouble with your balance which also can lead to headaches.

When you pinch the nerve C2, it affects your vision. You cannot see clearly, your vision gets blurry, and your eyes may water. For some people, the eyes get dry and itchy.

When you pinch the nerve C3, it affects your nose for breathing and your ears may develop a very annoying ringing sound. No wonder why many people have nose, throat, and ear infection.

When you pinch the nerve C4, it affects your jaw, teeth, and the tongue and you may have a problem pronouncing words clearly.

When you pinch the nerve C5, it affects your thyroid, which may cause people to lose control over their body weight. And because the organ is getting tight and locked, this may lead to thyroid cancer.

When you pinch the nerve C6, it affects your food pipe. When you pinch the nerve, the food pipe gets slowly tighter, which sometimes makes it difficult to swallow food.

When you pinch the nerve C7, it may affect the air pipe in your throat, which makes you cough more. It is a dry irritating cough.

The nerves No. C5, 6, and 7 all together control the movement of the inner arms all the way down to your fingers. When any of these nerves are pinched, you start feeling your fingers getting numb, tingling, and stiff. But the problem never stops in one place. It always travels further down. This is the body’s natural chain reaction, which we have no control. And that is the reason why the pain and the problems do not stop in the neck. It goes further down to your upper back.

The sad and confusing part of this is that you have no clue how many nerves are being pinched in your neck. Also, you don’t know the water pressure is being developed on top of your spinal cord. You feel helpless not knowing why you have so much pain. At the same time, people tend to get easily irritated, angry, and totally stressed out because of the unbearable pain. That’s why people would rather be left alone.

But the biggest question is who can remove the water pressure from your neck. As long as the water pressure stays in your neck, you literally go nowhere with your neck problem. What actually is going to happen to you is when the body water stays there too long in your neck, the water makes your bone softer, you start collapsing more and automatically pressurizing and damaging the discs, and your neck bones start slowly growing together. Now you are really damaging the discs and pinching the nerves to the limit. On top of that, the immune defense is pumping way more water on top of your spinal cord and in between the bones.

This is exactly how it goes to the next step in the upper back.

Now you realize stiff muscle, tight tendon, flat disc, pinched nerves, and the water pressure on top of your nerves and the spinal cord is the worst pressure anyone can have and deal with.

Let me explain how the body water accumulates on top of your pinched nerves and the spinal cord.

Let me give you a clear picture why we develop the body water. When you burn yourself on a hot stove, you have a blister with full of water immediately. Anybody can see that. When someone has an infected tooth, it’s very painful. What happens next? The face starts swelling up. Anyone can see that as well. When someone sprains the ankle, in a split second, the ankle swells up and is fully loaded with water to protect you. People feel the pressure and the pain, and they are not able to walk. What happens when someone injures the knee? It’s exactly the same thing. It swells up and is fully loaded with water. Nobody is able to walk before the water disappears from the knee or the ankle. And it can take a long time before the water disappears on its own. If the water doesn’t disappear and stays there too long, the water is no longer fluid and it becomes like a soft gel. That takes even much longer time to heal, especially if remains untreated.

The body water is our immune defense to protect you when you injure yourself or when you have pain. As soon as the pain is there, automatically the body water starts swelling up around the area where you feel the pain. Now everybody can see the swelling with full of water on the ankle, the knee, and the swollen face. But nobody can see the water swelling up when we pinch the nerves on our spine. Nobody knows and nobody pays attention, and nobody knows how to remove it from the nerves and on top of the spinal cord in the medical world.

When the thin, fluid body water has been there too long in the same place, it is changing thicker and getting first like a jelly and then crystallized because of the constant pressure. That pressure and the pain increase much more. And now you are in pure hell with your neck. Your neck gets stiffer and more locked. And you have serious problems bending your neck up and down and from side to side.

Now the same problem starts in your upper back.

Stiff muscles, tight tendons, pressurizing the discs, pinching the nerves, and the body water swelling up around the pinched nerves between your bones and on top of the spinal cord. And this is absolutely the worst pain anybody can deal with. Pinched nerves and the water pressure on the spinal cord have a seriously negative impact on the organs.

Let me give you a clear explanation why the organs get in trouble.

When you pinch one single nerve, 4 major things in your body get out of balance.

  • Your muscles get very stiff.
  • Your tendons get very tight and your spine gets more compressed exactly where you pinch the nerves on your spine.
  • The body water swells up around the pinched nerves and on top of the spinal cord.
  • The worst is the organ gets tightened up and slowly closing up on you. Immediately, our immune defense starts pumping the body water inside the organ to avoid the organ closing up on you. That’s the reason why you feel like you are about to explode because the organ is full of water and full of pressure. That’s why you have a serious pain. This is exactly the same pain when you sprain your ankle or damage the knee.

Our immune defense always pumps the water and swells up where there is pain inside and outside of the body.

Now the problem is if you still keep pressurizing and pinching the nerves, the organs will close more up on you and produce fewer cells. If the body water stays too long inside the organ, the body water is getting thicker and in the long run the organ is getting weak and is not able to produce healthy cells or push the cells out. Obviously, the cells are stuck inside the organ. Eventually, the cells will die, go bad, and then get rotten. Probably in the beginning you end up having a huge infection inside the organ. And the worst-case scenario people end up developing the cancer inside the organ. That is why so many people die of organ cancer today.

When the organ starts getting tight and slowly closes up and becomes too weak to function, this is exactly what needs to be done immediately: (1) Always open up all the stiff muscles, tight tendons, and get the blood circulation run freely, (2) Remove the body water, or the crystallized water pressure from the nerves and on top of the spinal cord, (3) Realign the whole spine from the neck and all the down to your lower back with chiropractic and my air hammer so all the nerves on the spine are totally free from the pressure, and (4) Activate all the nerves which were pinched from both sides of the central nervous system with electro acupuncture stimulation, and that’s the only way I can activate and save the organ so that the organ can produce healthy cells again.

The biggest problem and my fear has always been when people come to me too late and some of the bones on the spine have already grown together. When this happens, it’s too late and there’s nothing much I can do. Now we know for a fact, which way it goes with any organs if the nerves are pinched for good or especially if they have been pinched for a long period of time. That’s exactly the reason why millions of people suffer and pay a huge price in the end because nobody knows anything about the water pressure on the nerves and on top of the spine. On top of that, nobody has a full treatment in one go as complete unit to balance the body back in a natural way with zero medication.

Let’s go further with your upper back.

People who suffer from upper back, it always starts with the muscles and tendons getting so stiff and tight. They start compressing the spine even further and start pressurizing the disc even more. This is exactly how everyone starts developing a bulging disc. Or, the worst-case scenario, many people end up damaging the disc for good or having a slipped disc, especially if they are overweight. When the disc is getting seriously flat and damaged, it can’t hold your spine up any longer. Now you are pressurizing the nerves and pinching them seriously. At this point, no one is able to take the pain. It is so horrible you can’t sit, bend, or do any kind of work. This kind of pain can drive people insane.

What happens next?

 Let me give you a simple explanation when you start pinching the nerve in the upper back and which organ is getting affected from T1 to T12.

  •  T1 to T4 nerves – are connected to and control the lungs and the bronchitis. But when you pinch these four nerves, the lungs and bronchitis get tight. You are short of oxygen and produce more mucus. On top of that, these pinched nerves also are in control of women’s breasts. As always, everyone gets stiff muscle and tight tendon between the shoulder blades, shoulders, and all the way to the outer part of the arms, which every single person starts to develop muscle and tendon knots.
  • T5 nerve – is connected to and controls the heart. If you continuously pressurize the nerve T5, your heart muscle definitely tightens up on you and you start having heart pain because the heart muscle is getting tight. If this continues for an extended period of time, people will end up having a weak pumping heart. That is why many people are on heart medication.
  • T6 nerve – is connected to and controls the pancreas, which produces the body’s sugar, white cells for immune defense, and the insulin. When you pinch that nerve seriously the pancreas can go out of control, so people start craving a lot of sweets and end up becoming diabetics.
  • T7 nerve – is connected to and controls the spleen, which produces red cells for energy. When you pinch that nerve, people simply run out of energy, get very tired and emotional, and do not feel like doing anything. At this point deep depression is on its way.
  • T8 nerve – is connected to and controls the gallbladder. When this nerve is pinched for a long period of time, this small organ is getting tight and may malfunction. And we end up having “gallstones” inside the organ and eventually having to have the organ removed.
  •  T9 nerve – is connected to and controls the liver and our liver is a body’s garbage can for toxins, rejected bad cells, and all the body waste. When you pinch that nerve for a long period of time, the liver starts to close and tighten up and is not able to destroy the body waste. In this case, the immune defense starts pumping the body water into the liver to destroy and release the waste and bad cells. If the immune defense is too weak, all the waste stays in the liver. This is where people start having liver disease, liver infection, or the worst-case scenario liver cancer.
  • T10 nerve – is connected to and controls the stomach. When you seriously pinch the stomach nerve, people end up having a stomach pain for a short or long period of time.
  • T11 nerve – is connected to and controls the adrenal glands. When you pinch that nerve, the hormone gets out of balance. You tend to get emotional easily and may cry a lot, especially the women.
  • T12 nerve – is connected to and controls the kidney. When you pinch that nerve, the kidney gets tightened up on you and has a problem cleansing the blood. And many people end up having kidney stones.

Now let me explain the last part of the lower back spine problem, when pinching the nerves from L1 to L5.

  • L1 and L2 nerves – are connected to all the muscles and tendons in front of the whole leg and all the way down to the toes. When you pinch these nerves, your leg in the front gets tight and stiff and feels heavy. You have a problem walking and standing up for a long period of time.
  • L2 nerve – is also connected to and controls the small intestine. When you pinch that nerve, the organ gets tightened up on you. Your digestion is getting out of control, and you have a problem digesting the food. It is not unnatural for your intestine to get bloated.
  • L3 nerve – is connected to and controls the large intestine and appendix. When you pinch that nerve, the large intestine slowly and surely tightens up on you and that’s the start of having constipation. And many people end up having serious intestinal problems and definitely full of gas. And they have problem going to the toilet regularly.
  • L4 nerve – is connected to and controls the bladder. When the nerve is pinched, the bladder is closing up on you. And you have to urinate more often. The water pressure and the bladder getting too tight is the reason why all of them start leaking urine.
  • L5 nerve – is connected to and controls the ovaries and vagina for the women and testicles and penis for the men. When that nerve is pinched, many people suffer and have a serious problem with their sensitive area. This always causes sexual problems, and sometimes women have problems conceiving. Worst of all, when you pinch the nerves L3, 4, and 5, they affect the sciatic nerves from the lower back and all the way down behind the leg, calves, and your foot. This is one of the biggest and most horrible pains for anyone. This pain you feel is not funny at all.

Let’s have a clear picture of this whole situation.

People who work in the office most of their lives, they eventually all suffer with a lot of pain from stiff muscle, tight tendon, pressurizing the spine, damaging the disc, pinching the nerves, developing the water pressure around the nerves and on top of the spine, and problems with the organs.

Can we balance the body back to normal function again? 

Absolutely. This is how I have done it for the past 35 years with my own natural way.


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