One Leg Short: The Biggest Root of Spine Problems

short-legHaving one leg short does serious damage to you and billions of people around the world without anyone knowing they have one leg short. They just feel the pain.

Billions of people around the world have one leg shorter than the other from ¼ inch (5 mm) to ½ inch (10 mm), sometimes even more. Are we born this way, or is it simply that one leg stops growing at one point with the rest of the body? Well, while we are growing, we do not feel anything different. Everything feels normal. Those who are ½ inch (10 mm) short can walk with one short leg for a maximum of 10 years, sometimes less. And in those 10 years they probably have done serious damage on their knee, hip, lower back, and the spine, which is curved and tilting either left or right side of the body. It is easy to see one of the shoulders always hanging lower or to be sure measure their legs. That is the simplest way to find out the person has one leg short for his/her spine problems.

Those who are ¼ inch (5 mm) short, they can definitely go between 20 and 30 years and maybe a little longer but definitely with a lot of pain and spine problems. No one in this world people who have one leg short can avoid the spine problems. It’s simply impossible.

None of them is really aware of it. Everything feels normal and good. They are young and strong and busy with their life like education or work. So none of them is thinking or probably knows they have one leg short. Until one day they start to feel the first sharp pain. It can be in their ankle, knee, hip, or lower back. Again, none of them really pays much attention to the problem. In the beginning the pain is coming and going most of the time. And this is body’s natural reaction when something is not right but do they understand the signal the body is giving them?

But again everything feels normal so their life is all good. Some of them in their 20s start to feel the agony and the pain in their back because many of them are skinny and physically weak with less muscle but very strong because of their strong tendon. They are always the first ones who feel the pain. A second type of people comprise those who are short and chubby where the spine is short and always being compressed. It doesn’t take a long time for them to be in trouble and feel the serious pain in their body. The third type of people, who carry excessive amount of weight, are the ones paying the biggest price. They are the ones who collapse and damage the discs faster than anybody else, especially those who are ½ inch (10 mm) short on either right or left leg.

Let me explain the first disaster to those who are ½ inch (10 mm) short on either right or left leg.

From the ages of 20 to 30, in the next 10 years of their lives, billions of people start tilting and leaning more and more on the shorter side of the leg, either right or left, putting all the pressure on the knee, the hip, especially the lower back. And every year bit by bit they are tilting more and more to the shorter side and are pressurizing the disc flatter on one side, slowly but surely. The first trouble always starts with stretching the muscles and the tendons on one side; at the same time, on the shorter side the muscles and the tendons always get stiff and tight and start pulling slowly the spine out of the center and the bones out of alignment.

This is where the serious damage on the disc is now in process. The more muscles and tendons are getting stiff and tight, the more pressure is on the disc. So it is only a matter of time before they start pinching the nerves. The moment they pinch the nerves, the muscles and the tendons get stiffer and tighter, and the serious damage is done to the disc. Some of the discs in the neck are already flat and being damaged because of the pressure for so many years and tilting to one side. And the same thing is happening as well in the upper back where the upper back has more pressure because of their own body weight and tilting to one side. This is where they start slowly developing one or more bulging disc without knowing it. But in the lower back this is where the serious pressure and the damage is done on the discs from L1 to L5. It is always L3, L4, and L5 the discs get seriously damaged. This is where people end up having a flat disc, bulging disc, or the worst a slipped disc. This means that the discs are damaged and can’t hold up the spine any longer and that’s why they collapse and start pressurizing most of the nerves in the lower back, and the sciatic nerves give every single person so much pain where they can’t sit, bend, or walk. It’s simply the worst and most horrible pain anyone can deal with. All of them are in so much pain, so now they will look for any kind of help they can get.

The next thing is definitely, for sure, all of them running to see a doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or anyone who can help them. They will try every possible treatment when they reach that point.

First, the question is when they see the doctor, does he/she know the root of the problem of the patient having one leg short? As usual, the medical doctor will prescribe the medication to help the patients kill the pain. In the end, medication is not the real solution to anyone having one leg short. But it helps to get by with the pain one day at a time and still doesn’t do any good to the major spine problem like bones, nerves, and the damaged disc, especially the organs. Actually, the organs and the brain are the ones that take the most serious toxin damage from the medication. Everyone knows that’s not healthy at all.

Next, they are running to see the chiropractor because their back, hip, and probably knee are really killing them. And the pain is just increasing more and more in different parts of their body. The same question is to the chiropractor. Is he/she aware that the patient has one leg short? Maybe so or maybe not. The chiropractor does what he/she is best at realigning the bones back to its right place and gives everyone a brief relief. But when they leave the chiropractor’s office and start walking back to their car, what happens is that after taking a few steps, the whole lower back and the spine go out of alignment again because they are still limping and tilting to the same side. It only takes a few steps and they are back to square one exactly where they were before. So they can see the chiropractor as many times as they want, but it’ll be never-ending visits with no results but only disappointments and still back to the same pain and the agony. Back to square one again.

They realize seeing the chiropractor doing the same thing over and over is a brief relief but not the right solution either. Now the pain is getting worse and the body is getting stiffer and tighter because all of them have a serious pressure and more pain on their lower back and the rest of the body. Now they have more difficulty standing on their feet.

What’s next? They’re probably thinking now to get some deep hand massage because the muscles and the tendons on most of their bodies are so stiff and tight. After so many years, believe me all of them have developed so many muscle and tendon knots.  They are the worst to deal with. But it’s definitely good to go and have a deep hand massage.

Massage makes you feel relaxed and comfortable on the table. But anyone who tried any kind of massage they know for fact that when they get up from the table, nothing much has changed. It only feels good for a short time. After that, all of them are back to the same problem and pain, back to square one again. Probably after many sessions of a deep hand massage, nothing much has changed because hand massage can do very little to this major spine problem. It’s very difficult for a therapist to go deep down and reach the serious problem of stiff muscles and the tight tendons with their bare hands only. In the end, the massage therapist has tried his/her best. All this good hand massage and money they spent come to another sad disappointment for all of them.

Every one of them is simply so irritated, confused, frustrated, angry, depressed, definitely stressed out, extremely negative, and still very uncomfortable, and all of them automatically produce more acid in their body, which destroys all the good cells and makes the whole situation even worse. They simply run out of energy; at the same time, the immune defense is getting weaker and weaker. Their sugar level goes down because people use all their body sugar to keep up with the pain.

This is where all of them start craving sweets like chocolate, ice cream, cakes, and even sweet drinks. This kind of sugar intake is harmful to the body in the long run where they simply put more weight on their body and get even lazier. On top of that, they still pressurize the nerves where the organs are getting tighter and closing more on them and the organs produce fewer healthy cells. And again, because of so much pain, they still pump their weak and damaged body up with more strong medication. No wonder everybody in this horrible situation is coming to a point to give up.

But at the same time, the pain just increases more and more because they pinch the nerves so much, they develop a lot of water pressure in different parts of the spinal cord, simply where they pressurize the nerves. The water makes the bone softer when the water stays on the same spot too long; after that the water becomes jelly and in the end it’s getting crystallized. When the water gets crystallized, this is where the pressure on top of the nerves and the spinal cord 24/7, literally none of them has peace. The pain increases way over the limit and the organs close more on them, getting weak, cells die, and starting to develop bad cells inside the organ, which can lead to cancer. This is probably why we have so many people with different organ cancers in the world.

So all of them are still thinking what now? Since the medication and other treatment did not help at all, they are all still willing to try something else and different. Now they hope the acupuncture treatment might be the right option to try, to relieve the pain. But in this situation they are in, the acupuncture treatment can do very little about this major spine problem. But people are still willing to try.

Remember, there is no one to blame — doctors or any therapists. They simply do not know anything about people’s one-leg-short problem and what actually is involved.

Trying one single treatment at a time like massage, chiropractic, or acupuncture, or medication is not going to give anyone any good or positive results but only a short and brief relief, which is not enough. What needs to be done is to put the whole treatment together, including the fitness and healthy diet as the way I’ve done it and that will be the cure. And remember the most important thing is every single patient with one leg short needs to be leveled first before the treatment. That is the life insurance for all of them for the rest of their life, where they do not have to see me, any doctors, or therapists again.

So being ½ inch (10 mm) short is a pure hell for billions of people around the world. But this can be changed.