King of Bahrain - Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

King of Bahrain – Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa




Doc served the The Bahraini Royal family for 3 years: two years at Bahraini Defense Facility as a Bahraini Royal Families’ doctor and one year as a private practitioner



Letter from the Royal Family

Letter from the Royal Family



I first met Slave “Doc” Petkovski in 2013 after reading about his worldwide experience with his spine cure in a local magazine.  I had a history of lower back issues for over 10 years and was quick to make an appointment with “Doc”.  After an exam he knew immediately the issue and scheduled several follow up visits for my lower back problem.  Within a week, years of back problems were gone.  Three years later,  I have never felt better.

Chris Stocker

“When I first met Doc, I had just delivered my second baby. It was a tough time for me and my husband. A new job, bay area commute, figuring out two kids below the age of 2 and most importantly keeping up with my health. Doc suggested I join his beautiful wife, Josie during their exercise session in the evening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but decided to try it. What happened after that was an eye opening experience. We started some serious exercise training. We were now a group of 4 ladies who all were in similar situations like mine and we all wanted to stay fit, de-stress, loose weight and most of all feel great. Our workout sessions were an hour long and didn’t involve heavy machines in a gym. It was simply using free weights and an exercise ball. Within 4 months we all lost weight, looked different and felt different. We were more energetic, less stressed and felt like we could handle way more than what we were already handling. I don’t think I have ever felt as healthy and fit as I felt when I was training with Doc.

Everything was going fine until one day I met with a car accident. It was rough! I wasn’t sure about the impact, but I sure knew that my neck and my spine were badly affected. The only person who could really help me was Doc. With exercises and massage and his water therapy, he made me feel like it never happened. People who have gone through car accidents know how painful it is for the spine and neck. Constant trips to chiropractor and massage therapist still doesn’t bring back your spine and neck to its usual form. But I can confidently say, mine did and I owe it all to Doc.”


“Doc started working with me after I suffered a painful foot fracture.  I had spent weeks in bed, and my body was a wreck. My arms were so weak I could barely even use crutches.  He trained me and treated me, and in a few months, I felt great.  I was stronger than I had  been in twenty years and felt so healthy!  The chronic pain in my foot disappeared after just two injections. As a physician I was really pleased and suprised to see this quick and permanent result.  Doc restored my vitality.


I was so encouraged by the work Doc did with me.  I got much stronger from the workouts.  He treated my knee pain that I’d had for years.  The pain disappeared and hasn’t come back!

When I began Doc’s training program in seventh grade, I felt amazed at how much dedication he shows to every individual. The fact that I was a middle school girl did not change his approach to my fitness, and every day I finished pushed way beyond my limit, stronger than ever! Those evening workouts in the wind-whipped alley sparked a passion for physical fitness that continues today as a key aspect of my life. Doc’s encouragement taught me that anyone can develop a strong body with perseverance and grit.”



“Mr. Petkovski has treated me many times for different muscle function disorders such as disorders in my neck, knees, upper back and lower back. I can say that now I have more knowledge and understanding of how my muscles became dysfunctional and he has given me a “fitness prescription” to keep my body in working condition and keep me with little to no pain in my life. Mr. Petkovski has been a godsend to me and I recommend him to anyone who is having muscle function difficulties.”

Maricela Morales


“My name is Graciela and I met Doc because of my husband. He helped me when I had a terrible headache but before that I went to the emergency room and they tried to find what had happened to me but they could not find the problem. My husband told me about Doc and I went to his clinic and he helped me. He gave me a treatment and after the treatment my headache and my pain went away. He also helped me with my sciatic nerve and he had to give me a treatment of 4 days. After the last treatment I do not have any problems with my sciatic nerve anymore. ”